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Hello from Snowy Vermont
I only happened upon powerpinochle a few minutes ago.  Cribbage is really the big game around Northern Vermont, Southern Quebec, and Montreal.  There are lots of friendly weekly games and low-key & fun monthly tournaments.  I'm organizing one of my own in April. (A lot of bridge and some poker, too.)  Anyway, I only finally learned cribbage for good about 2-3 years ago (several people had tried to teach me over many years), and I caught on.  In January, I went to Winfield, Kansas, southeast of Wichita, to visit friends for a week.  I tried to find local crib games, and I couldn't. But I saw pinochle advertised in Arkansas City, so I called & received 3 hours of double-deck instruction with a friend  :-)  There was a large enthusiastic group.  The lady teaching me said she had moved there from Western Kansas, where they played another type of pinochle, and she had to learn double-deck in order to play in "Ark City," because that's the way it is  :-)   So I came back to Vermont looking for pinochle. I found a double-deck app for my phone.  I found a group 90 mins. away (near Montpelier) that plays single deck, and that got me a little more confused. Then, last week I visited family in the Springfield, Mass. area & found a group of double-deckers who let me play as I learned for a few hours.  They were in South Hadley & were very friendly & helpful.  So we have pinochle players out here, but so far, they're not so easy to find !!!  End of the story is that I'm a beginner with some starting knowledge  :-)   -John
Welcome to the community, John.

You will find us to be enthusiastic as well.  We have a few free tools (some still in development) that may help you to hone your skills as well as a forum that is teeming with great advice.  Please dive right in.  If you have questions, we are here to help.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle

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