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CardzMania - Play Pinochle and 20+ other card games online!
Hi Power Pinochle Community,

Just wanted to introduce our new website CardzMania here. You can play multiplayer Pinochle online with friends, compete with other online players or challenge our bots!

Besides Pinochle, we have lots of other card games also including Spades, Hearts, Euchre, Whist, Barbu, Rummy, Sergeant Major, Solitaire (FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, ...) and many more. All of our games are multiplayer, completely free to play without any hassle (no signup required, no pesky ads, no jumping around) - you can play any game really quickly and easily!

We are always looking for feedback and/or suggestions for improvements. So, if you have any comments or thoughts please do let us know.

CardzMania team
Play multiplayer Pinochle online at CardzMania - Single Deck or Double Deck!
We now have support for both Single Deck Pinochle and Double Deck Pinochle with shoot the moon option! Please give it a try and let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!
Play multiplayer Pinochle online at CardzMania - Single Deck or Double Deck!
Just checking...

Started up a double deck table. Started the game, with bots. OK, I can see the bots bid...but only if I pay close attention. It doesn't last long, and there's no auction history to review. Then, my bidding options seem horrendously limited. The auction started 52-53 to me. The options presented are 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, and pass. NO! MUCH too limited. ANY legal bid should be allowed. Here, that's anything 54 and over. Cuz my pard gave me 20...and by my lights, if I want the bid, I'm jumping to at least 60 to cut off a meld bid.

Ack...just continued the bidding, and I REALLY can't tell who's doing what. Oh...ok, I see my partner passed. But it's seriously unclear.

It looks like the rules you're using don't require taking 20 to save meld. That's rank kiddy play, IMO; it means there's next to NO skill. Granted, you're targeting the social player, but still, the option needs to be there. Or, is it there an option I didn't see, especialy if I turn off the bots?

In addition, the Rules tab shows the single deck rules. I figure this might be just because it's pretty new.
Wow, great feedback ToreadorElder! You can probably tell, we have never played this game and just read the online rules to implement it, that's why we came here and are looking for experts like yourself to tell us what not right.

Let me try to get these things fixed asap. Can you please elaborate the "taking 20 to save meld" rule so that we can implement that also.

Really really appreciate you taking out the time to try this and provide the detailed feedback, we will get it right, I promise!
Play multiplayer Pinochle online at CardzMania - Single Deck or Double Deck!
My goal is to be constructive. Smile

There are 2 major optional rules.

#1: if a side has less than 20 meld, they score 0. Side effect: if this is the bidding side, the hand is thrown in. The declaring side points equal to the bid. The non-declaring side scores its meld normally. (Including this rule...if they have less than 20, they get 0.)

#2 is the consequential. During play, a side that does not pull 20 points (including last trick), scores 0, AND does not score its meld. Obviously, if this is the declaring side, they're set.

This is where the skill in the game arises...learning to bid in such a way as to avoid declaring on hopeless hands, and even more, to be able to pull 31 in order to stop the opponents from saving their meld.

There are several sites here that discuss rules sets, of which there are several. Mostly variants. mick should have links to them in this thread.
What you might want to do is go over to marya's site, World of Card Games.  Pretty sure she's got those rules in place, as well as bots that are aware of that rule.  Bidding changes considerably.  That said, it's also something of a rabbit hole, to make a good bot. Smile
Thanks ToreadorElder. I found this rule listed in pagat also:

Minimum 20 to score
Some play that meld can only be scored by a side whose meld is worth at least 20 points. Before laying down their meld each player announces its value, and if the total for a team is less than 20, they cannot lay down or score any meld for that hand. Furthermore, a team that does not take at least 20 points in the play cannot score anything for the hand - their meld is disregarded.
If the bidding side fails to reach 20 in meld they automatically lose the bid without playing, but the bidder must still name a trump suit and in this case the opposing team score their meld provided that it is worth at least 20, without the requirement to take at least 20 in tricks. If the bidding team takes less than 20 points in tricks, the bid automatically fails (however much meld they had) and their bid is subtracted from their score.

Quick question though: the way you described it it seems like there are three (or even four) options for this minimum 20 rule:
a) Disabled
b) Melds
c) Tricks
d) Melds and Tricks

so the players can select how to tweak the rule. According to pagat, its just one rule, either on (and applies to both melds and tricks) or off.

Can you please clarify, if you do want the four options or just simple one button with enable disable as per pagat?

Thanks for your time, really appreciate it!
Play multiplayer Pinochle online at CardzMania - Single Deck or Double Deck!
My personal preference is you need 20 meld to make the board, and you need 20 play to save your meld.  IIRC...and it's been years now...Yahoo offered these as separate buttons, so you could turn on one or both.  

But I can't say I've ever seen "need 20 to save meld"  WITHOUT "need 20 to make the board."  

The big one is needing 20 to save meld.  This rule's critical for tactical play.  Needing 20 to make the board becomes significant only in cases where you've got a *gorgeous* playing hand, but no meld, such as:


If the 20 play points to save rule is in play...this hand is gonna pull 31 MOST of the time.  If the 20 to save is NOT in play, this might still be worth bidding in first or second seat, hoping partner has meld.  If the 20 to make the board is in play, then in first or second seat, yes, you *might* bid, but it's clearly HIGHLY speculative.  

I think it's fine if you go "social play"  with neither rule in use, or "competitive" play, or some other term, for both in place.
I am sorry, I completely forgot to reply back here. We did implement it last week, there is a little bit of work that needs to happen for bots, but that's usually ongoing work... please do give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Thanks once again for your help and time, really appreciate it.
Play multiplayer Pinochle online at CardzMania - Single Deck or Double Deck!

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