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how to score melds
I'm new, been reading the rules over and over tonight, and one youtube video

I'll be playing the 2 player version.

Here is my question:
When you play a meld and score the associated points with that meld.

If you use that meld to play off of, do you lose those initially scored points? or do you keep them?

also, do you score the tricks in each phase? then total everything? melds+tricks in phase 1 + tricks in phase 2 = total score. correct?
Are you asking about a Run that comes using AG TG JG on top of a pre-existing Marriage  KG QG  ?
Or another way is,  QS JD then another QS JD ?

Adding a specific case may improve understanding.

(My personal answer is: "I don't know -- I've never played 2-handed.")
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle
Far as I know, there's no difference procedurally.

I think he's asking, in essence, is

AS TS KS QS JS     JD     assuming spades trump...15 or 19?  Do you get to use the queen of spades both ways?

I've seen both yes and no, honestly.  Playing double deck, you can always use every card for meld, in all ways the rules allow.  So the above would always be 19.  My preference would be to do the same in single deck, but as I say, I've seen rules listed online that show " card, one use in meld."

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