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yahoo pinochle
I played 3 games on yahoo awhile back..i cannot find it it not there..if so, link it to me...if not..where is a good place to paly the game online..thanks
Yahoo! pinochle is dead. The consensus seems to be that is the preferred place to play nowadays. I think all things considered, it's better than Yahoo! although it took me a while to come to that conclusion. Since you only played 3 games on Yahoo! you probably weren't as familiar with it as I was.
wow..i thought yahoo was cool..i cannot believe they took it off..wonder why,,,there was not a shortage of players.....I been playing against the computer to get familiar with it again,,,,it was 1970 when I stopped, though played many games in the late 60,s...I just had to get familiar with counting the points in my hand and bidding, seems like its all 2 players team online that I have found...though I like single better
It is a huge shame that Yahoo shut it down.
(03-24-2015, 11:24 PM)rakbeater Wrote:  It is a huge shame that Yahoo shut it down.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a shame. Probably more of a disappointment. The one nice thing about Yahoo! was that there were a lot more players than are currently on playok. While that added a social element that, in my opinion, is not there on playok, it also limited the chance to get to know the specific styles of the players. (Just to clarify, I pretty much played exclusively in Yahoo!'s Social lounges...there may have been more consistency in the other lounges.)

I think the thing that made Yahoo! so popular - that it had a more social element, both in the lounges and during the games - is also what ultimately led to its demise. To borrow a term that's recently come up in baseball conversations, without the "pace of play" rules, Yahoo! became a hangout for stallers and other people who didn't care to learn the game - they only wanted to learn how to get a better rating by whatever means possible. Another problem with Yahoo! Was the spammers and hackers who made it pretty much impossible to have a meaningful dialogue in the lounge.

Anyway, out of Yahoo!'s ashes rose playok - and as I said earlier, if I had to choose one or the other, I would choose playok.
The lack of a social element is because playok has no equivalent of a lounge. Now, that's not entirely a bad thing, as the Yahoo lounges could be rather trashy.

What led to Yahoo's demise is, Yahoo. They wanted to make more money on it. And the spammers were an occasional problem, but, at least in AL, not common. No...there was a minority of people who wanted to troll, and could do so very safely. Yahoo didn't monitor, so never did anything.

Anyway, it's dead, gone, buried, and long since moldered...

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