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Bidder Out rule
Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding a rule in Double Deck Pinochle. It is regarding who wins when the scores reach 500 or more. There is no question who wins if one side reaches 500 or more. But what happens if both sides do this at the end of a hand (e.g. 500 to 500 or 500 to 520 etc)?

My go-to site for game rules is pagat. They say: "The game is won by the first partnership to achieve a score of 500 or more. If both sides reach 500 on the same hand, the bidding side wins."

I originally interpreted this as a tiebreaker rule: if both teams score 500 or more, equally, then the winner is declared to be the bidding team. But if the score is uneven (e.g. 501 to 510), then I thought the high score wins no matter who made the bid. Perhaps I was confused because it is the normal way things are done in other card games.

Later, a player told me that there's a variation called "Bidder Out" in which the bidder always wins if both sides score 500 or more on the last hand. That is, the winner is not necessarily the high scorer! In this case, it is the bidding team.

I see a reference to the term "Bidder Out" here: - but they don't define what it means. It just says "Bidder out applies only when both teams go over 500 points on same hand.".

I'd love to hear from more than one player who can tell me what is expected. Should the win always be awarded to the bidding team if both score 500 or above? Does anyone use the rule that high score always wins, even if both scores are above 500?


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