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Mary's Question From The Meld Test Thread
21 meld if you name the run; 8 if you pass and he names trumps, and doesn't hit one of your marriages. 10 if he hits the marriage, but not the run.

Let's extend this a bit. You're South. West passes; North bids 50; East passes. Your hand, #1:


You have to bid 51 because of the club run, and for the same reason: this may be the ONLY way you make the board.

Your hand, #2:

You have the club run...but you really don't much care what trump is, AND you have that double pinochle. Show the 30 meld! I've heard, over and over again..."why? they've both passed?" Give your partner information that may help him make a better decision. It might not be necessary, but say he's got


If you bid 51, he's going to pass. Your bid promises a run, OR a hand with enough in meld and tricks to be worth bypassing a short run in his hand. If you pass, he's got 8 meld in hearts, or 19 in spades. Guess what suit he's gonna name...spades. Combined, in spades, your hands will take 2 diamonds and 4 tricks between clubs and of those tricks may disappear. And you've got like *1* trump trick...your partner's ace. That's 7; maybe there will be 1 more for 8, but still, it's dicey. 2.5 points per trick is the average...but you can't stand to be even 1 point shy.

Now, if you bid 53, partner bids 54, and names hearts. OH GOODIE!!! 6 trump tricks (the opponents' trump ace will take 1 trick), 1 club, 1 spade, 2 diamonds. 10 tricks. EASY make.

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