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What would you like to see in a Pinochle Playing Site?
Just for fun, because I'm not flush with extra money to actually follow through with this at this point in my life, but what would you like to see a in an online system/program/game?

Take the best, eliminate the worst, and add your own suggestions as to what would be your ultimate online multi-player pinochle playing system.

Mick's post got me thinking about it:

I would like to see a system where there is a section of tables for "speed" pinochle" (for all those non-thinkers who just want to click constantly) and then tables for those who actually need a little time to think for newbies or experienced, analytical players. I would also want the rating, games played, won/lost, games timed out/quit, and the key stat I would want would be: average time to make a bid and average time to lay a card. I would only want kibitzing to happen on "training" or "social" tables. I want the graphics simple but clean. Other thoughts?

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