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Bidding Analysis Hand #2
(01-31-2013, 02:32 PM)ToreadorElder Wrote:  It's the mechanics. The game winner is the first to 500, but with a twist. The BIDDING side scores if the bidder goes over 500, it's game over. This is even true in this scenario:

a) Score is Team 1, 490; Team 2, 480.
b) Team 2 deals, it goes pass - pass - pass - 50.
c) Team 1 has 20 meld, Team 2 *doesn't*. The score becomes 510-430. But this is the twist: Team 1 does NOT win. If Team 2 doesn't make the board, or IIRC if Team 2 doesn't make their bid, the game is NOT over, regardless of the score.
d) Next hand, Team 2 takes the bid and scores reach 501. Game over, Team 2 wins.

So, mick's description is wrong. You DO NOT score any points at all until the play is complete. Team 2 might take the bid AND pull 31...but not make their bid. They lose points, and Team 1 doesn't save the meld. So even that "it'll be over regardless" does not hold when the bidding side needs more than 31 to save.

[sigh]...Leave it to TE to say that some varieties of grass are a shade of blue when someone else says that grass is green. I layout a specific scenario and spell out the score along the way so that beginners can follow. Then, in classic form, TE tells me I'm wrong; instead of just adding more detail to the discussion. At least I wasn't "badly, horribly, terribly wrong" like in These credibility stripping posts make me not want to post in this forum despite my love of pinochle. I wonder if any other guests/members choose not to post for this reason. TE's post would have been just as knowledgeable and helpful by dropping "So, mick's description is wrong." and using "Here are two different scenarios, where the bidder is set and the opposition doesn't save..." Rep minus 2. There is no benefit to being caustic.
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life. -- Mickey Mantle

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