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Top Five Most Annoying Hands In Pinochle
What I mean by an "annoying hand" is a hand that isn't necessarily bad, but a hand that makes you groan, moan, cry, or otherwise whine about how you missed a spectacular hand by one or two specific cards. Some of the phrases you may hear when a player receives a top five "most annoying hand" are, "Why do the pinochle gods hate me!?", "Is this a joke?", "Why does this always happen to me?", "I wish I could show you my hand.", "Who dealt this garbage?", "Are you serious?", and so on. A major benefit to playing pinochle online is the ability to scream and yell at your computer screen, when you are dealt one of these frustrating hands, while appearing to be calm, cool, and collected to the players online.

My Top Five Most Annoying Hands In Pinochle:

#5 - The Super Balanced Hand With Little Meld


#4 - The Super Long Trump Suit With Little Meld


#3 - The One Ace Away From Double Aces And No Trump Suit


#2 - The One Card Away From A Double Run And Little Meld


#1 - The One Card Away From A Double Run And Double Aces! (This has never happened to me except in nightmares.)


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