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Taking The Bid Without A Marriage
Have you ever purposefully done this?

Is there a reason to intentionally bid a hand that does not contain a marriage with the intent to take the bid?

How is the score affected?

Using most pinochle rules, if a player takes or is stuck with the bid and does not have a marriage, the hand is immediately over. The bidding team loses the amount of points that was bid. This is the interesting point. No matter how much power or meld the opposing team held, they do not add one point to their score. There are some game rules that require the opposing team to add their total meld to their score (if they have more than 20), but not at Yahoo Pinochle, where most of our pinochle community plays.

So if the rules dictate that a player who takes the bid without a marriage loses points, that would appear to be a major deterrent. Unless, the player's goal is to prevent his opponents from scoring any points. Even though this is a sound strategy for extending the game, it is rarely used, because it does not happen often that a player is dealt a hand without a marriage. So...

In what pinochle scenarios, if you are dealt a "loveless" hand, would/should you do take the bid?

In these scenarios, is there a way to plan or communicate this? How should these scenarios be handled?

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