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New beginner it pinochle. Have been trying to play double deck on line. Can anyone help me to determine what to bid and why.  I sort of understand the point heirachy.
There's a page about "meld bidding" at my website, World of Card Games. You can read that.. and at the bottom of that page, there are some links to a few informative posts about bidding at this site (Power Pinochle). I'm no expert, however.
Welcome to the Power Pinochle, Anxious,

For a true beginner, our Beginner's Hand Classifier page (link is under the Basics tab in the red navigation menu) will spell out the barest of bare essentials.  This very basic, categorical bidding advice is only meant to give you some initial traction while you experiment with bidding.  Beyond that, read and re-read the forum for more advanced advice. Feel free to ask any questions you have (in the dedicated subforum), but I will urge you to research first because many FAQs have already been answered.  Enjoy.