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Full Version: Not really news, but it's official
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I missed it;  I suspect most of us did, because it didn't much matter.

But Yahoo Games is dead and gone.  Completely.  ALL of it.  Happened back in February.  Lots of layoffs along with it, sorry to say for those people.  Once they ditched all their Java-based games, they were basically dead to me tho, so I paid no attention once it was clear they weren't coming back.

And these days, Yahoo's in bad shape overall, so it's not surprising they're cutting.  They've been in bad shape, so it also wasn't particularly surprising.
Their loss is opportunity. On other hand, if they couldn't make a go of it sitting on all their advertising then it is a tough row to hoe.
Their ad revenues dropped considerably. They have 2 revenue streams: searching revenue is the other. Both have been dropping.

When they dropped all the Java games, I expected this would happen. The cost to develop and maintain each game is likely to be prohibitive, if they want to put a more graphical look onto things, and the ad revenues from them were probably not very good. Probably a good portion of the games they offered, after dropping the Java games, were licensed from other parties. If so, then the vendors may have been unhappy and pulled out, OR Yahoo didn't see enough after paying them. I also remember seeing that Yahoo was just generally restructuring and trying to refocus on core operations...which didn't include the games.

And this could easily be a case where their size worked against them. Being a public company *definitely* does...failing to meet market expectations is a Very Bad Thing.