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Full Version: Categorizing Play Scoring Conventions
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I recently asked John McLeod of pagat.com about the different known categories for counting Play phase points across all Pinochle variants.  John sent me a short history and breakdown of the different types of Play Scoring conventions.

He says:
Quote:...the history of this is easier to follow by looking at the card values. Originally they were
ace=11, ten=10, king=4, queen=3, jack=2
as in many European games. These values are still used in the related German game Binokel and I think also by many players of two-player Pinochle. In America in the mid 20th century, two successive simplifications were adopted, keeping the total value per deck constant:
ace=10, ten=10, king=5, queen=5, jack=0
ace=10, ten=10, king=10, queen=0, jack=0

Once you are on the last of these systems it becomes possible to divide everything by 10

Quote:I have been looking through the standard books but there doesn't seem to be an agreed neat terminology. Authors use clumsy terms such as 'alternative scoring schedule' which is not very descriptive.

My suggestion would be
'classic scoring' for 11-10-4-3-2
'ten five scoring' for 10-10-5-5-0 (which I think is now very rare)
'tens scoring' for 10-10-10-0-0
'unit scoring' for 1-1-1-0-0.

A big thanks to John for laying out the facts, this is a great foundation for future progress.
Now that we can clearly see the evolution of Play scoring, we can accept or debate John's suggested categories.
Having these static structures in place will enable me to move forward with other less stable rules and conventions.

With the latest evolution of Play point scoring dividing everything by 10, Meld point scoring must mirror this change.

Modern Pinochle variants, barring a few exceptions, only use the "tens scoring" and the "unit scoring" for meld scoring.
Perhaps this historic information will firm up some of the uncertainty @ Categorizing Meld Scoring Tables