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Full Version: Pinochle on Facebook
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I played a game at World of Card Games last night, and somehow the conversation turned to pinochle variants with a kitty and passing. One of the players mentioned that there was a pinochle app on Facebook, named Nidink Pinochle.

I played what I thought was one game (turns out it takes more than 500 points to win...but I bailed after we got to 500). I have to admit, it was a little confusing - it was unclear who was receiving the cards I passed, which cards I got back in return, etc.; and there was no chance to evaluate the tabled melds. (There was a button you could press to display the melds, but that obscured part of the playing table...and you only have 15 seconds to make each move, so you couldn't really study the melds). Additionally, I didn't see any way to bid anything than 1 over the current bid - so no opportunity to meld bid (unless I just missed it).

On the plus side, it was a very fast-moving game. If a player failed to play within the 15 seconds, you could immediately boot him, and he would be replaced by a bot. (The timer was 30 seconds for bidding.)

I may give it another shot when I'm looking for a quick game or don't have time to play a full game on another site, but I prefer World of Card Games and PlayOK over it.

Feel free to check it out and post your comments! Or if you know of another Facebook app, share it here.
Thanks for the brief review! I meant to try it but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'd probably wind up getting booted pdq Smile