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Full Version: Trump Equivalent
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What is the equivalent number of each card types?
Are you asking about double deck pinochle or single deck?
At Power Pinochle, all discussions default to Partnership Double-Deck, unless specified otherwise.

There are 4 of each card.  80 cards in a Double Deck.

Each suit has 20 cards:  AG AG AG AG TG TG TG TG KG KG KG KG QG QG QG QG JG JG JG JG

Suit hierarchy is dependent on the declared Trump.  Trump beats non-trump.  All non-trump suits have equal strength.
Within each suit, rank hierarchy is Ace, Ten, King, Queen, then Jack.
What about in single deck?
A single deck consists of 48 cards - four suits with two of each of the following cards (listed by rank, from lowest to highest):
A - 10 - K - Q - J - 9

A single deck is comprised of two standard decks of cards with the numbers 2 through 8 removed.