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Full Version: Principles of Play
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Inspired by TigreXVIX's thread @ http://www.powerpinochle.com/forum/showt...48#pid2248
I devised a short list of principles to live by when choosing which card to throw.

http://www.powerpinochle.com/forum/showt...52#pid2252 I mention the following:
  • Conserve Strength -- do not play cards that are stronger than is absolutely necessary to win/lose/point/non-point a trick.
  • Appropriate Counters -- using all available information, make logical and reasonable decisions about who is likely to win the trick and play counters/non-counters accordingly.
  • Communicate Opportunities -- regardless of the style of leadback, if there is a way to convey to your partner that you have so-much-as a slight advantage, do so in the most appropriate way.
  • Undermine Opposition -- whenever you recognize your opponents' objectives in the hand, take all possible steps to interrupt their strategy.
The deeper you go with analysis, the more you will find there are points of combination and points of conflict among the principles.

I hope that our readers/members will consider my short list of principles when playing, discuss where it falls short, discuss when it shines with logic, and suggest ways to improve/expand it.