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Full Version: More Alternative Trick Point Counting
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In another thread I introduced my idea to change how Aces might be valued before bidding in the auction.

Conventionally, people count how many Aces they have and consider each one to be 1 Trick. Then the total number of Tricks are multiplied by 2.5 (the average point value of a trick) to arrive at a "Trick Points from Aces" value.

When you are bidding for Declarership, you will also want to estimate how many Trick Points you can earn from trump cards. Again, convention asks you to count each card in your trump suit as 1 Trick and subtract 1 Trick for each Ace that you do not have. As before, 1 Trick = 2.5 points and you can estimate your "Trick Points from Trump" value.

Now my idea for Aces (Non-Trump, for this discussion) was to count the first & second Aces in a suit as 2 points each and the third & fourth Aces in a suit as 1 point each. I though that that was a fair, accurate, and simple way to count trick points; even for a beginner.

Next I shifted my focus to Trump Trick Point counting. I am just not sure I want to be counting my JG's and QG's as 2.5 points. I just don't think that is going to pan out very often. I am also in favor of whole numbers for simplicity's sake.

What do you think of the following:
Each AG of trump = 2 trick points (it has the power to earn more in reality, but it is not likely to earn less; and it is not likely to get caught in regular situations)
Each TG of trump = 2 trick points (it may win an all trump trick / maybe not, it may get caught / maybe not, it may be used to win a non-trump led trick resulting in at least 2 points)
Each KG of trump = 2 trick points (if used to saw off a non-trump led trick, it will earn at least 2 points, but also has a probability to be a non-winner which should factor in.)
Each QG of trump = 1 trick point (while this card is not without worth, it is not a likely winner, and on the occasion when it does win, it isn't likely to be a very loaded trick.)
Each JG of trump = 1 trick point (this card is very low worth but not worthless, I don't want to set it to 0 points because its presence is definitely of worth to the holder.)

So how does this match up?
Using a bare Run AGTGKGQGJG :
Conventional Trick Points = 5 points (A=2.5 T=2.5) *KQJ removed by missing Aces
Alternative Trick Points = 8 points (A=2, T=2, K=2, Q=1, J=1)

More unlikely the bare Double Run AGAGTGTGKGKGQGQGJGJG :
Conventional Trick Points = 20 points (A=2.5, A=2.5, T=2.5, T=2.5, K=2.5, K=2.5, Q=2.5, Q=2.5) *JJ removed by missing Aces
Alternative Trick Points = 16 points (A=2, A=2, T=2, T=2, K=2, K=2, Q=1, Q=1, J=1, J=1)

Hmm, I'm trying to make the simplest, accurate way to count trick points -- especially for teaching new players.
But is it too far off? Or is it more realistic than the conventional way?
Shall I give more weight to the Aces? Less value to the Jacks?
Or is this just too simplistic and deeper analysis of hand shape is to be considered?

Please resist the urge to defend convention and help me to sculpt this alternative.
I was just strolling through the forum and found this snippet from the "Hands with Hidden Extra Chances" thread that is relevant to this thread:

(03-14-2013, 01:30 PM)ToreadorElder Wrote: [ -> ]The basic method of estimating tricks for declarer is:

a) Count 1 trick for each non-trump ace.
b) Take your trump length, and subtract 1 for each missing ace. Note that this assumes at least a 7 card trump suit. If you're forced to play a shorter suit (usually this means you're saving) count 1 trick for each ace, and 1 trick for *2* tens.