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Full Version: What If: B.Y.O. Pinochle?
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Complaints about a given pinochle gaming site are (if not about the visual layout) often about game rules, table chat, meld point values, ranking system, CPU competition, table speed, and more.

What if you could Build Your Own Pinochle?
What if the construct itself was flexible?
Imagine being a table host where you could define:
1. How much double pinochle was worth.
2. How many points constitutes a finished game (if you don't have time for a standard 500 point game).
3. Table chat or no chat at all.
4. Amount of time per player turn. (Ever play at a SLOOOOOOW table? Soul destroying!)
5. A special double-penalty for a team that runs the bid up over 100 only to get set, or some other departure from standard rules.
6. How many players at the table. What if you like to play 6-handed triple pinochle?

If you could BYOP, what would you change/offer?
Imagine preset games that offer the rules that you love? Start a table, and select the game design (e.g. "ToreadorElder's Strict Sportsman" or "Cajun Style" or "Rocky Mountain Pinochle") then Open Table.
What consequences would unfold?
How could the consequences be managed?

What if a ranking system wasn't about wins and losses, but rather at the end of a game you could subjectively score the other 3 people at the table on a short optional survey that describes their sportsmanship, internet connectivity / playing speed, chat decency, playing knowledge/ability. Survey histories would be stored on your profile, so people could see how you rate others and how you rate by others. In theory, after a good collection of surveys by a broad selection of players, your profile should fairly accurately describe you as a player. At a glance, a table host could elect not to include you at the table if you always give horrible surveys, have a history of poor sportsmanship, don't score high in the knowledge department, or you have the mouth of a sailor. As we all know, wins and losses don't necessarily color a player clever or dim.

p.p.s. Just before a click Post, I think further about the Custom Game Presets. Each Preset could be displayed on a master list, where the Presets with the most games played would be at the top and least at the bottom. Popular Presets could be promoted. Presets that have minimal games played after a span of time (365 days or so) would be purged from the list. Hmm, I think that could be cool. How life like: mutations are always welcome, but survival of the fittest rules supreme. It's worked pretty well for the last few billion years!
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