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Full Version: What's Next?
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I've noticed that a high percentage of our members are under-utilizing the features that this forum software provides. I took a few moments and wrote a somewhat dull looking page which I hope will enlighten members regarding what their membership has to offer.

The threads which once thrived on Power Pinochle have seemingly dried up. I cannot say whether it is due to Yahoo!'s drop of free pinochle, or that we have already discussed most of pinochle to the nth degree. I would like to challenge our members to be creative and pose new inventive/theoretical discussions to get the juices flowing again. Consider contacting some of your pinochle playmates and see if they have anything to share. Let's generate some new polls for members to vote on. Let us leave no stone unturned.

This website, in my opinion, is a well organized collection of some very thoughtful gamesmanship. I wish for it to become a major resource for all players from beginner to expert. This, however, relies heavily on the content built by its members.

Lastly, I don't always have a lot of time to donate to site development, but it's good to have a short list of things to do when spare time presents itself. Perhaps I could revisit my programs to check functionality on mobile devices. If anyone has suggestions, please post them.

Happy Pinochling!
That is a very cool feature. For those who couldn't find the page....put your cursor over the "Resources" tab in the upper left and click on "What's Next?" Thanks Mick.
I discovered today that the forum and thread subscription lists weren't fully propagating.
It's all fixed now.

I even added the forum labels to the thread subscriptions list; this should help to break up the hundreds of items in the list.
For our unregistered guests that cannot view the What's Next page, here is a screenshot:

With the forum being recently restructured, I would like to draw attention to a specific portion of the What's Next page.

Subscriptions (there are two kinds)  Most of our members are only subscribed to the threads that they have posted on.  This is fine, but to stay abreast of other discussions without having to refresh the main forum page every hour, you can have our software contact you when something new happens.

Forum Subscriptions express your interest in following a specific subforum (e.g. Announcements, Hand History Analysis, Pinochle Partners).
To subscribe to a subforum, visit the desired subforum page (the previous links will take you to their subforum page).
The content heading with the red background will display the title of the subforum on the left, and two options on the right: "Mark this forum read" & "Subscribe to this forum".  Click on the subscribe link. Then at the next prompt, select your preferred notification method.  All done.

Thread Subscriptions express your interest in following a specific discussion (e.g. Principles of Play, Declarer Play: Trump Management, Theoretical Bidding System)
To subscribe to a thread, visit the desired thread page (the previous links will take you to their thread page).
Scroll down beyond all of the posts to the bottom of the page, find the short list of white links on the left side.
The "Subscribe to this thread" link is between "Send this thread to a friend" & "Add poll to this thread".
Click on the subscribe link. Then at the next prompt, select your preferred notification method.  All done.

Subscription Notification Methods (there are three options)
  1. No Notification
  2. Instant Email Notification
  3. Instant Private Message Notification
If you are receiving too many notifications or for some reason you become disinterested in a subscription, the unsubscribe link is in the same place that the subscribe link was.

After you're finished doing your subscriptions, perhaps vote in a poll, or try the Meld Traing/Test programs, or upload an Avatar.
See, learn, play, have fun!