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Full Version: 1st Lead
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QC QD QS QH The first lead is one of the most important parts of making your bid. The basic first lead is a queen of Trumps. This card will always push out a point card. Jack’s are not lead cards, for advanced players Jack's are indicators to lead back in a particular suit. Most players have no clue to this strategy. Remember the person that makes trump holds the Master plan. You may occasionally lead jacks in the last half of the hand, but if you playing correctly the only person that will probably have a jack in in, is the one with the Master plan. ( Oh, the best way to push Trump is with Trump, and don't stop after you start ). If you doubt what I'm saying tried leaving the queen for a couple of games. You should see the difference in a couple of games and how good this basic strategy is.

Be a student of the game.
So you won't cash hanging aces, or aces in long but weak suits like AKQQJJ, where there's a reasonable risk of it getting ruffed if you don't cash it?

What is your trump suit length? What OTHER business do you need to take care of? The trump suit is your control of the hand. Drawing trump is NOT!!! necessarily desirable.