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Full Version: Funny Thing
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A funny thing happened on the way to a win! On the last hand of a game I was playing and this happened. First, let me set it up for you. It was my game and I set it up for 12 hands. I use this strategy for late hands when I’m winning by 200 points or more. I just don't bid a matter what I have in my hand. So I really didn't look at my hand and let the other team bid. The other team came in in spades. This is where the fun came in. When the cards were spread out, “ long behold ”. I had a double run with triple A’s in spades. I believe they were cheating. Well, that's all right with me. because if I have a partner that knows the basics . We well Run Cheats off the table.

In my opinion, they are two kinds of cheats on the Internet playing double deck Pinochle: Cheater One cheats at the game but does not know how to play. These cheaters I will pray for you! Cheater Two cheats at the game and knows it well. This cheater I think is is lower than whale sh__!