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Full Version: Hope Bids
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Ladies and Gentlemen, playing double deck pinochle on the Internet is one of the most hostile places in the world!

When was the last time you played a whole game of double deck pinochle on the Internet and finished with all the players at the end.

The sites are inundated with rude, weak, and just plane cheats. The solution to this environment is to become a competitive player. Student of the game.

Here are some facts about one part of the game, bidding. Learn how to bid, it's not rocket science. Math is key to every card game! Stay away from hope bids. Hope bids are bids hoping your partner has something.

Here’s a formula I figured out over the years, that helps me stay away from hope bids.

10 + your meld + 20 = what you can bid. Let me break it down for you.

(1) 10 = if your partner did not bid or partner’s meld bid
(2) Your meld
(3) 20 = how much hand needs to make

Here’s how it works: 10+35+20=65